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We love caring for your dress in preparation for your wedding now let us care for your dress in preservation of your wedding.

Its so important to get your dress cleaned after the big day and get rid of all the dirt, stains and marks as these will only get worse over time and ruin your dress completely. Even if you decide to sell your dress you will need to at least get it cleaned.

If you have decided to keep your dress then getting it cleaned and packaged professionally is the best way to keep it stored.

After a gentle hand clean using no harsh chemicals, which we believe is more effective than dry cleaning, dresses are then steam pressed and then carefully folded and packed using acid free tissue paper, a method that is traditionally known to be the best at protecting precious items of clothing.

Our beautiful wedding dress boxes are hand made in the UK and are available in many different designs and sizes to suit your dress. 

What better and more romantic way is there to savour the memories of your wedding day?

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