Cindy Belles Bridal and Sewing Studio Covid19 Secure Guidelines


Face Masks


Face masks must be worn at all times within the shop.  We have a range of beautiful masks for sale made by us starting at £5.00  


The Shop


A doorbell system, with the front door locked, allowing only set amounts of customers into the shop at any one time.  The staff member to stand behind the counter before the customers enter the shop.


  1. One bridal ‘try on’ customer allowed with one other member of their same household

  2. One ‘fitting’ customer allowed with one other member of their same household

  3. One customer to drop off or collect work at the front of the shop.

  4. If there is a ‘try on’ or ‘fitting’ customer at the bottom of the shop then one other customer may be granted entrance for dropping work or collecting work at the top of the shop only.


Hand sanitizer will be on the counter at the top of the shop and in the waiting area and customers will be encouraged to use.  Hand washing facilities are available with paper towels for drying.


Perspex screen installed at the pay station.


The counter will have a specific space for drop off and collections so that there is no physical handing of goods between customers and staff.


All counters will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of each day, as well as the card machine, phone and till being wiped with antibacterial wipe after each use.


There will no more than 4 bridal ‘try ons’ booked in for any one day and they will need to be evenly spaced with at least 2 hours between each appointment.


Taped areas for fittings to allow safe distance for customer and staff with a streamlined process for bridal ‘try ons’ and ‘fittings’.


Customers will be given a temporary time limit of half an hour which will be regularly reviewed. 


During the need for covid19 precautions customers will be asked to take a seat whilst the dresses are browsed and selected for them by the member of staff. The selected dresses will then be placed in the fitting room by the member of staff.  The customer will then have the opportunity to get into the dresses themselves before coming back into the main shop where a member of staff can offer advice and a consultation.


Accessories and shoes will be picked out and placed in an area for the customer to pick up and try for themselves minimizing contact with staff.


For customers utilising the alterations and enhancement service, they will be asked to hang the dress at the entrance of the shop and then take a seat in the waiting area after using hand sanitizer.  The staff member will then take the dress into the fitting area, unpack it and hang it up ready for the customer to enter afterwards and dress. The customer will then come out to a marked area so that the member of staff can conduct the consultation at a safe distance.  Where it is possible to make judgments by eye these will be done so, however when this is not possible, pinning will be conducted without face to face interaction with the customer and as swiftly as possible, whilst wearing a protective face mask.   Both customer and staff to wash hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after the fitting.


For Staff


Staff members will keep 2 metres apart from each other and from customers wherever possible.  Sewing machines will be worked on with 2 metres distance.


Staff members will need to wash their hands or use sanitizer on entrance, before and after each fitting and before and after working on customers garments.


Masks will be worn by staff whilst conducting fittings which will be washed daily.


Staff members will be supplied with an apron to wear to keep their own sewing tools in to avoid any contamination between staff.