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Cindy Belles is now delighted to be stockists of Rainbow Club shoes, 'the perfect shoes for your big day'.

Rainbow Club is a bridal footwear brand offering exclusive and inspirational handmade wedding and occasion shoes in satin, shimmer and lace. 


This brand offers a bespoke dye-to-match hand colouring service which allows you to colour your Rainbow Club shoes to match any outfit or occasion.


All colours are meticulously hand mixed and matched by our colour experts in the Rainbow Club Colour Studio, based in the heart of Devon.


Rainbow Club’s Head of Design creates gorgeous, fashion forward bridal shoes at the highest possible level, and works closely with our highly skilled in-house team.

As a result, the brand maintains a reputation for comfortable and beautiful shoes that are unique in design and detail.

A Special Wedding Gift To You

After your wedding day you can send your Rainbow Club dyeable shoes directly to them, specifying your chosen colour.

They will then hand colour and deliver your shoes back to you completely free of charge. 

Giving you two pairs for the price of one.

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